It’s Trading Season – Yahoo Sports

The Cardinals granted your wish of seeing A.J. Pierzynski in one last October (okay, just mine) by signing the veteran and designating George Kottaras for assignment. Pierzynski will be a usable NL-only and two-catcher mixed league piece until Yadier Molina returns from injury in September. Im going to end this weeks column by wetting your greedy beaks with trade rumors (we dont have the space to add citations to each, but click the players name to link to his news page if you like): Even after acquiring the immortal duo of Brandon McCarthy and Chris Capuano, the Yankees arent done shopping for starting pitching; theyre reportedly chasing Colorados Jorge De La Rosa . Across town, the Mets have thus far been non-receptive to trade interest in second baseman Daniel Murphy.

Home Improvements: DIY or Hire a Pro? | Fox Business

Thousands of people, for example, end up in the emergency room every year because of ladder falls, power tools that got away from them, situations like that. Even if youre not injured, you could end up paying twice for the project once for your attempt and then again when youre in over your head and have to call a pro to fix the mess. Home improvement experts recommend evaluating your strengths and ability to get a job done before launching a project After all, you dont want to start something only to let it languish for months or even years, which according to Hicks, is often the case. She suggests evaluating whether you have the time and tools to properly complete a project. The cost of your time should also be considered when contemplating a project. Too often, people forget to put a price on their time when theyre deciding whether to DIY or hire, says Hicks. They add up the cost of the supplies and think theyre going to be saving themselves a bundle.


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