How Beacons And Bluetooth Can Help Us Get To The Best Possible Wireless 911 – Yahoo Finance

Moreover, the FCCs proposed accuracy goal fails to meet the most fundamental objective of public safety: enabling emergency responders to quickly reach the callers exact location. First, the 50-meter radius translates to a diameter the length of a football field, hardly pinpointing an apartment or home 10 buildings could fall into that radius. Second, even if the coordinates were accurate, the translation of these coordinates into street addresses (via reverse geocoding) tends to render moot the accuracy of the initial position fix. Improving the accuracy of reverse geocoding will be a complex, long-term endeavor that will be akin to starting over. In contrast, beacons are configured to know the address and can quickly provide it to a phone, even if the user has Bluetooth turned off. When a user makes a call to 911, the dispatcher can still send help to the correct location because the beacon provides the phone the location, which is then supplied to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Two main challenges must be overcome for beacons to become a reality.


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