Family-friendly Carpet And Tile That Work For Your Home – Home Improvement

Pitfalls  of home repair on display | News | The Register-Guard | Eugene, Oregon

For example, PurSTONE, a pre-engineered tile flooring available through Flooring America, can be installed quickly with or without grout on any level of a home. Unlike natural stone that needs to be stained and maintained, this alternative can look better longer with minimal maintenance. Choosing Carpet There is a vast selection of styles, colors, and fibers to choose from in todays marketplace, but a simple checklist can help. The activity level of the home should be considered first, says Hargis. For example, a traditional, patterned wool carpet may not be the right choice for a busy family with toddlers and pets. Nylon fibers will hold up well to foot traffic, but may not offer the stain resistance a well-used room may need. Carpets manufactured in todays polyester and polypropylene fibers resist staining and can be found in vibrant colors and sharp multi-toned patterns, but may not last through years of heavy wear. Newer fibers, however, are allowing for softness and durability to co-exist.

Bad wiring and wrong gauge wiring can cause a fire and loss of property, Richardson said. The wrong type of piping materials can slowly poison people. Undersize piping can cause problems with the water running too fast that can scale materials off the side of the pipe. Richardson said homeowners, undertaking home improvement projects on their own to save money, sometimes seek to cut corners by not applying for building permits. As a result, the weekend builders can make construction or design mistakes and fail to meet construction code.


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