For Carrie Bradshaw, A Shoe (line) To Call Her Own

He has a rare first step that makes him tough to block, as we see here on a sack against Virginia. A quick swim move helps him get past the offensive guard and into the backfield in a hurry for a quick sack. The only question, as mentioned before, is his frame. His short arms make it tough for him to shed blocks at times when an offensive linemen gets into his pads, as transpired on a touchdown run against North Carolina. Even despite his lack of ideal size, Donald’s athleticism made him a frequent target for double-teams at Pitt. He was a lock for the first round before the combine, and now that we have confirmation of his athleticism, he should be taken off the board in the first 20 picks. Pre-Combine Value:Late second to early third round Projected Value:Early to mid second round Sometimes, a player’s performance in shorts and a T-shirt causes scouts to go back to the tape and re-evaluate their performance in pads. Martavis Bryant turned heads in Indianapolis with a 4.42-second 40-yard dash, which put him sixth among wide receivers at the combine. “I have to go home and re-check the film,” said Bleacher Report NFL Draft Lead Writer Matt Miller , “because he was lost behind DeAndre Hopkins in 2012 (and) Sammy Watkins in 2013. What type of player is he? I’ll be going home and trying to figure that out.” If and when they do, they will find a receiver who is capable of making incredibly difficult catches . Though he isalso prone to dropping some easy ones and double-catching others. He knows how to use his body to win leverage on his defender, making difficult catches look routine, but with such a lean frame, he may have to add some bulk to his body if he wants to continue to make those kinds of catches. Bryant has long been considered Clemson’s “other” wide receiver, as Miller alluded to, but his combination of size and speed will make him an intriguing prospect for teams searching for that mix at wide receiver. Pre-Combine Value:Late first round Projected Value:Mid first round It’s hard to “shoot up the draft boards” too much when you’re already considered one of the top two prospects at your position, but Justin Gilbert may have catapulted to the top of the board at cornerback.
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Sriracha maker turning up heat on Irwindale

At the Irwindale Sriracha factory

We had a very meager budget … we were pulling mostly from consignment, some rental houses, borrowing from friends, or from emerging designers that nobody knew about except for Pat (costume designer Patricia Field). And the show went on the air, and someone was talking about fashion, and looking at fashion in a way that had never happened before. And the business was just starting to shift. Luxury we weren’t talking about luxury before. It had not been spoken of outside the industry itself. … And nobody had dressed (like Carrie). Nobody was wearing an old raggedy beat-up fur coat that was 40 bucks with a Fendi baguette (a luxury bag that costs about $1,500). It was just a whole new way of thinking about fashion, and once again, that timing. AP: So speaking of timing where do you stand on a third movie? SJP: There is no conversation about doing a third movie.
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Frozen out of justice by the Supreme Court

However, he added fuel to the fire by continuing to slam the groups backers, the Koch brothers, calling them un-American. ADVERTISEMENT Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips, in response, said Reid had effectively”attacked the character and integrity of every American who had the courage to share how they’re being hurt by the president’s health care law.” Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., called Reid’s original remarks “astounding and offensive.” Reid said Wednesday morning on the Senate floor that he believes Americans for Prosperity hires actors in their ads to tell fake stories about canceled policies, higher premiums and ruined lives under ObamaCare. Theres plenty of horror stories being told, Reid said. All of them are untrue. But theyre being told all over America. It was an apparent reference to, among other instances, an AFP ad that featured a woman with cancer who claimed her health care became unaffordable under the law. Her story was called into question by critics, but she and AFP are standing by the ad. The outcry over Reid’s comments from Republican lawmakers was swift.Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., said he is demanding Reid apologize to those who have felt ill effects from ObamaCare. The majority leader, and any Democrat who agrees with him, owes an apology to all Americans who are suffering under this disastrous law and whose personal stories he has dismissed as untrue, he said. A total of 6.3 million people have received cancellation notices due to ObamaCare. Many were told they automatically would be enrolled in another plan, or might have selected another plan on their own. The Obama administration also reversed course, and allowed insurance companies to re-offer canceled plans — however, it remains unclear how many of the people who received cancellation notices actually ended up with new plans. The communications director for Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., noted in a press release Blunt has taken it upon himself numerous times to read personal stories of ObamaCares negative impact on the Senate floor.
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The man was pronounced dead at the scene. HCSO deputies said the driver who had hit the pedestrian called and told them about the accident around 4:30 a.m. Hillsborough County Fire Rescue responded to the scene. They pronounced the pedestrian dead. Traffic homicide investigators will be at the scene for the next few hours. Authorities were diverting all the eastbound traffic on Bloomingdale Avenue at Bryan Road. The lanes are expected to reopen in half an hour. All lanes are now open westbound Bloomingdale. Authorities advise drivers to avoid the area and use alternates both ways. Stay with for more on the accident and when the roadways reopen.
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Man hit by car, killed in Brandon

A new study published in JAMA Psychiatry suggests that fathers age 45 or older are at a higher risk of having children with psychiatric and academic problems. Specifically, the study states that children born to 45-year-old fathers, compared with those born to 25-year-old fathers, are 25 times more likely to be bipolar and 13 times more likely to have ADHD. They are also 3.5 times more likely to have autism, 2.5 times more likely to have suicidal behavior or a substance abuse problem, and twice as likely to have a psychiatric disorder. Read These 9 Healthy Tips Dad Should Teach Their Kids Shocked by the Findings Researchers at Indiana University and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm came to this conclusion after examining the data of everyone born in Sweden from 1973 to 2001. They compared siblings and cousins, which accounts for outlying factors such as education and income. We were shocked by the findings, lead author Brian D’Onofrio, associate professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences at IU Bloomington, said in a statement. Previous research into the subject found that advanced paternal age may have diminished the rate at which these problems occur, but the new study suggests that these risks increase steadily. There is no particular age where becoming a father is known to become problematic. Know the 7 Signs of ADHD in Kids Life Events Affect a Fathers Genes While a woman is born with all of the eggs she could possibly use in her lifetime, men can continue to produce sperm their entire lives. Each new sperm that replicates runs a risk of carrying mutated DNA.
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Bitcoin market Mt.Gox files for bankruptcy

mt gox bankruptcy tokyo mark karpeles

He conducted a study on multiple days that sampled odors in 21 different locations, and found that harmful levels did exist. If inspectors don’t take samples during the evening and in the morning, “the AQMD will miss it every time,” Rosenfeld said. Atwood said Rosenfeld’s sampling method was subjective because it relied on smell detectors instead of air sampling. “Air sampling and lab analysis is required,” Atwood said. “It’s more objective.” As the battle over the odor continues, the factory’s daily tours are proving popular, with office associate Mary Almodovar saying they are booked up months in advance. Perhaps unsurprisingly, none of the more than 100 visitors who completed the smell survey have complained about an odor. Inside, the deep red color of the sauce is displayed proudly on tables, chairs, walls and even toolboxes. The tours start at the conveyor belt where the peppers are ground, then visitors wind past a series of enclosed machines that squirt hot sauce into plastic bottles, which are transported by conveyor belt to the shipping area to be boxed, shrink-wrapped and stacked in pallets. The grinding season, which produces the most odors, won’t start until the end of the summer, so most visitors experience only a mild, peppery garlic scent. Lim and Penaflor posed for multiple iPhone pictures and gave positive marks on their smell surveys. They’ve followed every twist of the Sriracha saga and asked Almodovar for an update on the complaints.
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South Korea says N. Korea fired 4 suspected short-range missiles


(Larry Downing / Bloomberg / January 28, 2014) Also See more stories X By The Times editorial board February 28, 2014 In America you’re innocent until proven guilty. But the federal government can seize your assets before trial and prevent you from using them to hire the lawyer of your choice, even though the right to counsel is protected by the 6th Amendment. That’s an injustice, and it was compounded this week by the Supreme Court. In 2007, Kerri Kaley, a sales representative for a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, and her husband Brian were indicted on charges that they had participated in a scheme to resell medical devices allegedly stolen from hospitals; they maintained that the hospitals no longer had any use for the devices. The couple wanted to pay a private lawyer using personal funds, including a certificate of deposit they had purchased using a home-equity line of credit. But a court froze many of their assets on the theory that they were related to the couple’s supposed wrongdoing. The issue before the Supreme Court was whether a judge should have taken a second look at the indictment, with an eye toward releasing the couple’s assets if the evidence that they had committed a crime was questionable. By a 6-3 vote, the justices said no. Writing for the majority, Justice Elena Kagan concluded that allowing a judge to decide whether there was probable cause would usurp the traditional role of the grand jury and result in a redundant “pretrial mini-trial (or maybe a pretrial not-so-mini-trial).” Besides, she said, the court settled this question in 1989 when it ruled that a defendant’s assets could be frozen even when he wanted to use them to pay legal fees. But that earlier, and objectionable, decision didn’t require the result reached by the court in the Kaleys’ case. As Chief Justice John G.
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Children of older dads at higher risk for mental, academic problems

A cyber attack may have finally killed off the exchange, but it was in dire financial straits long before that. Yellen: Fed can’t regulate Bitcoin By its own account, Mt.Gox collected only $380,450 in revenue during most of 2012. It lost 13 times that the next year, when U.S. government agents seized $5 million from its account for allegedly lying on bank documents. Confidence in the virtual currency has been shaken. It has lost about 50% of its value since trading as high as $1,000 last year.
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Reid hammered by GOP after claiming all ObamaCare ‘horror stories’ untrue

Yonhap news agency, citing an unidentified military official, reported the North Korean projectiles were suspected to be ballistic Scud missiles or an upgraded version of its newly developed surface-to-ship KN-02 missiles. Kim Yong-hyun, a professor of North Korea studies at Seoul’s Dongguk University, said the launches won’t be a prelude to provocation. He said the North appears to have intended to protest the South Korean-U.S. military drills that began Monday or to grab international attention as there has been little progress over a push to resume disarmament-for-aid negotiations. Yang Moo-jin, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul, said the North also carried out such launches to examine its weapons. Last year, North Korea furiously reacted to the same South Korean-U.S. military drills by issuing a torrent of fiery rhetoric and threats to launch nuclear missiles against Seoul and Washington. Last year’s drills came after North Korea conducted its third nuclear test. The U.S. took the unusual step of sending nuclear-capable bombers in a show of its resolve to protect its ally.
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North Korea Launches Missiles Into Sea

Second member of Cuban 5 spy ring released from US prison, will be deported


The South Korean and U.S. militaries have not been specific about where they are conducting their drills, and it was unclear if the missiles were fired in the direction of the exercises. South Korea’s Defense Ministry said it would provide more details at a news conference later. Foreign policy experts say the North Korean missile firings may not herald a repeat of last year’s saber rattling from Pyongyang, which included threats of preemptive nuclear strikes against the United States and South Korea and the declaration that the armistice that stopped the Korean War in 1953 is null and void. Last year, after North Korea tested a multistage rocket with possible intercontinental nuclear potential, followed by a third nuclear test, it was stung by fierce international criticism and sanctions. It reacted badly when 2013’s joint military exercises between South Korea and the U.S. involved stealth bombers simulating bombing attacks. The conditions of Thursday’s missile launch are very different. North Korea’s missile capabilities “It may be little more than regular military testing,” said Michael O’Hanlon, a defense and foreign policy expert at the Brookings Institution. “I’m not persuaded it’s a big deal or even a medium big deal, though.” The launch may also be an attempt by North Korea to remind the world and its own people that it has muscle, too. Most observers say North Korea is still years away from having the technology to deliver a nuclear warhead on a missile, but it does have plenty of conventional military firepower, including medium-range ballistic missiles that can carry high explosives for hundreds of miles. “North Korea’s missile launch is merely part of their ongoing efforts to demonstrate to the world, and more importantly to their own people, what they are capable of.
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V.A. Doctor Says She was Fired for Refusing to Prescribe Higher Doses of Narcotic Painkillers

For instance, a roundtrip flight in July between New York and Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific costs $1,600 in coach, $7,600 in business class and $19,000 in first class. Other airlines charge similar price differences among their passenger classes. Besides privacy, that extra cash provides an outsize seat, attentive service and superior wines and liquors. Austrian Airlines, Etihad Airways and Gulf Air are among the carriers to staff planes with their own first-class chefs. Instead of having flight attendants reheating meals cooked on the ground, these chefs prepare the meals at 35,000 feet. Sometimes, that smell wafts back to the rest of the plane. “You know they’ve got something good up in front of the curtain, and you know you don’t have anything close to it,” Harteveldt says. “When you fly coach, you are reminded of the fact that you are unimportant as a traveler.” In the ultimate show of indulgence, Emirates has offered an onboard shower for first-class passengers on its A380s since the plane joined the fleet in 2008. Once back on the ground, that luxury treatment continues. At airports in Paris, London, Istanbul, Bangkok, Sydney and elsewhere, airlines offer their top passengers fast-track cards allowing them to speed past immigration lines. And then, while other passengers wait in lines for buses, taxis or shuttles, chauffeurs in suits meet these fliers ready to once again whisk them out of the chaos. SHARE 29 CONNECT 43 TWEET 2 COMMENTEMAILMORE Copyright 2014 The Associated Press.
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Latest airline perk: A safe distance from the masses


By Broderick Turner February 26, 2014, 11:00 p.m. Another injury took down another Clipper, leaving them short-handed in the backcourt after Jamal Crawford suffered a strained left calf. The Clippers pressed on, overcoming the injury to pull out a 101-93 victory over the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night at Staples Center. With Crawford in the locker room in the second half, Darren Collison started in his place. Also Nobody was around, Rivers said. And when guys get injured when nobody is around, that just always scares me. But we’ll know more tomorrow. Collison was eight for 14 from the field, three for five from three-point range. He scored seven consecutive points for the Clippers during one important stretch in the fourth quarter. His three-pointer gave the Clippers a nine-point lead, and his back-to-back baskets sent them to their third consecutive victory. It was great to see D.C. step up for us, Rivers said about Collison. I thought his defense was huge too. We put him on [James] Harden and I thought his pressure helped. Blake Griffin did his thing again, producing 23 points and 16 rebounds.
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Arizona’s decision on anti-gay bill unlikely to end religious liberty movement

Brewer felt Senate Bill 1062 did not address specific dangers to religious freedom. Ariz. gov.: ‘I have vetoed SB 1062’ Where are Arizona’s discrimination cases? Rep.: Veto ‘a wake-up call for Arizona’ Religious freedom or discrimination? “It could divide Arizona in ways we cannot even imagine,” said Brewer, who said she tuned out public pressure and made the decision she felt was right. Attention now turns to the following states: Georgia The Preservation of Religious Freedom Act has been introduced into Georgia’s Legislature, and it is similar to the one vetoed in Arizona. The measure, which is moving through the state House of Representatives, allows a private company to ignore state law that “directly or indirectly constrains, inhibits, curtails or denies” a person’s religious beliefs. An almost identical bill has been introduced in the state Senate . Much like the Arizona measure, neither Georgia’s House nor Senate bills specifically spell out gays or lesbians as the target. The legislation is not on the calendar for Monday, or “Crossover Day,” the last day for legislation to pass the chamber in which it was introduced and transfer to the other chamber for consideration.
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It cost [$105] for the cheapest ticket to the Brazilian Cup final. Minimum wage for a month is [$290].” Brazilians may have taken back their national anthem last year, but another collective symbol, the MaracanA, has been privatized in the buildup to the World Cup. If Brazil is the spiritual home of world soccer, the MaracanA is the spiritual home of Brazilian futebol. Built for the 1950 World Cup, it was the largest stadium in the world at the time, with standing-room-only concrete terraces that welcomed young and old, rich and poor, including masses of working-class fans. A crowd of more than 203,000 reportedly crammed into the MaracanA for the ’50 final between Brazil and Uruguay, in which a tie was all the SeleAAo needed to clinch its first World Cup title. Brazil’s notorious 2-1 defeat remains a national scar to this day, yet through the decades the old concrete hulk became known more as a grand meeting place, a stage for some of the greatest players in history: PelA, Garrincha, Carlos Alberto, Zico, SAcrates, RomArio, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and all the rest. Gustavo Mehl, a 30-year-old social activist and fan of the Rio club Vasco daAGama, lives in the shadow of the MaracanA. He grew up attending games there with his father, standing on the terraces and participating in the raucous supporter culture, with its giant flags and booming drums, its catchy songs and distinctly Brazilian group choreography. “The MaracanA was a symbol of public participation in Rio,” says Mehl.
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HTC: Desire 816 lower-cost,attracted look

“I hope he spends as little time as possible in an immigration jail and can enjoy as soon as possible his mother, his wife, his family, and we’ll see when we might be able to meet,” Hojas was quoted as saying. The Cuban Five have sometimes been linked to the case of American Alan Gross, who has spent four years in a Cuban prison after he was arrested while working covertly to set up Internet access for the island’s Jewish community. He was working as a subcontractor for the U.S. Agency for International Development, which Cuba considers bent on undermining its government. Cuba has suggested it might swap Gross for the Cuban Five — now down to three — but Washington has rejected any such deal. Gonzalez was originally sentenced to 19 years but had his prison term reduced after the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said he was wrongly labeled a supervisor of other spies for certain activities. Two others also had their prison sentences reduced by that same court order, including 55-year-old Antonio Guerrero, who is set for release in September 2017. Rene Gonzalez, who is not related to Fernando Gonzalez, finished his prison sentence in 2011 but spent more than a year on probation in the U.S. until a judge allowed him to return to Cuba. Rene Gonzalez, a Chicago native, had dual U.S.-Cuban citizenship, and he renounced his U.S. citizenship after returning to Havana.
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Like a lingering cloud of tear gas: how do you reconcile the two Brazils?

Doctor Says She was Fired for Refusing to Prescribe Higher Doses of Narcotic Painkillers – Tweet Thursday, February 27, 2014 A physician working at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital in Missouri claims she was fired for refusing to prescribe higher doses of addictive painkillers to patients. Dr. Basimah Khulusi told the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) and ABC News that she lost her job at the VA hospital in Kansas City after patients complained that she would not authorize more powerful amounts of opiates. I had to do something about it. And I tried, Khulusi said. And then, you know, I was let go. Khulusi told CIR that the VA informed her she was being terminated so they could replace her with a new doctor who was willing to work in a VA clinic that specialized in giving pain medicine injections. Abuse of painkillers has been a serious concern among VA patients, with prescriptions for opiates, including hydrocodone, oxycodone, methadone and morphine, rising by 270% between 2001 and 2012, according to CIR. That has contributed to a fatal overdose rate of almost double the national average, according to an analysis that was performed by scientists who are part of the VA staff.
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Clippers slow down Rockets for 101-93 victory


It really does show up the Max. It doesn’t trade away many hardware features to do so, either. The Desire 816 has the same BoomSound series speakers as the HTC One, and a rep promised that they are not watered down versions but the same drivers used in HTC’s more expensive phones. That’s a huge win for a phone that should make an excellent games and movies device. HTC Desire 816 Screen The screen doesn’t escape compromise, though. It is 720p resolution where HTC’s larger One-series phones are 1080p. A pixel density rating of 267ppi means sharpness will be pretty good, but a little short of perfect. We didn’t really get close enough to assess the contrast and colour reproduction of the panel, but there are no major viewing angle issues.
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Suspect Drives Through Schoolyard During Police Pursuit

NATO puts pressure on Afghanistan to sign troop agreement

Afghanistan soliders

The victim told police they’d been struck several times in the head by the suspect. As officers were speaking with the victim, the suspect vehicle drove by and was identified by the victim. Police attempted to stop the vehicle, a 1988 Chevy S-10, but the driver fled down Margarette Avenue, through a field at Catawba Heights Elementary School where the vehicle struck a fence and continued onto Ida Street. The suspect then headed northbound on I-85 before turning around and heading southbound at the Lowell exit. At this point, officers ceased following the suspect, and the suspect vehicle was later found abandoned near exit 27. Authorities say the suspect fled the scene on foot. The S-10 was found to have been reported stolen from Mount Holly. The driver, whose name hasn’t been released, was identified by police. The suspect will be charged with felony speeding to elude arrest, larceny of a motor vehicle, damage to property, careless and reckless driving and driving while license revoked. Police say the investigation into the assault is ongoing and charges are pending.
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A (very) brief history of the state gas tax on its 95th birthday

(Pittsburgh Press, May 21, 1939, courtesy of Google News)

But its now coming out of the closet, so to speak. Mike Huckabee, the Fox News host who is weighing a second White House run, used an interview with Bill OReilly to float the issue. He isnt sure Clinton will run, Huckabee said: Shes going to be at an age where its going to be a challenge for her. Its a fact that Clinton would turn 69 shortly before the 2016 election. And voters are entitled to consider any factors they want. But should the media raise the visibility of the age question? Veteran handicapper Charlie Cook did just that in his National Journal column: The choice to run for president is effectively a nine-year commitment: one year to run, another four years if she wins a first term finishing up that term at age 73 and then, assuming she runs for reelection and wins, serving four more years to end a second term at 77 years of age. None of this is to say that the age issue could successfully be used against her. After all, Reagan won the presidency at the same age. But how many 67-year-olds make nine-year commitments, and what concerns have to be addressed if they do? Hillary would hardly be the first candidate to face such questions. As popular as Ronald Reagan was in 1984, he still had to fend off questions about his age after a meandering performance in the first debate ( leading to his second-debate joke about not exploiting Walter Mondales youth and inexperience).
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Dated Marina del Rey to get a modern makeover

Truce called in longtime feud between L.A. County water districts

But the guy who invented it Loyal M. Graham became disillusioned with his own idea,the Beaver County Times reported in 1962 : Oregon gas tax in the Beaver County Times, March 20, 1962. ( Courtesy Google News ) But not everyone hated the idea. Gas taxes met with little public resistanceand in fact became quite popular with the generalpublic, according to a 2007 history written by the Tax Foundation. About 20 years in,the Pittsburgh Press credited gas taxes for creating a world-class highway system, though it warned that they could be abused. (Pittsburgh Press, May 21, 1939, courtesy of Google News ) The taxes rose for years and years, but eventually failed to keep up with inflation and higher fuel efficiency. In a 2011 report , the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy found that many states were near or at historic lows. Adjusted for construction cost growth, the average stategas tax had fallen by 20 percent in value.That year, highway user fees and user taxes a category broader than just the gas tax only paid for about half of local road expenses. So, states have begun exploring alternative.
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But this time, critics said Nugent’s statements went an insult too far. For the record, here’s what he said in an interview with “I have obviously failed to galvanize and prod, if not shame, enough Americans to be ever-vigilant not to let a Chicago communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel like the ACORN community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way into the top office of authority in the United States of America.” Outrage ensued. Almost immediately, critics condemned his comments, calling for Nugent to apologize and for public figures to distance themselves from him. Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott came under fire for campaigning with Nugent. Abbott’s likely Democratic opponent, Wendy Davis, called Nugent’s remarks — and Abbott’s appearance with him — an “insult” to Texans. Still, Abbott did not rule out campaigning again with Nugent. And Cruz, who told CNN he didn’t agree with the rocker’s comments, left the door open for a possible future Nugent cameo. Nugent insists ‘subhuman mongrel’ comments not racist ‘Star power’ Republican strategist and former Romney adviser Kevin Madden said politicians “assume this star power will help them identify with voters and help them get some headlines they might not get if it was just another boring political rally or public event.” That star power is built in large part on Nugent’s music career, which peaked in the late 1970s when his signature single “Cat Scratch Fever” cracked the Top 40 and he was selling out arena-sized venues.
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Ted Nugent: The voice of America?

Ted Nugent attends the NAMM Show, an annual trade show for music products, in 2010. The rock star turned conservative activist has made headlines recently for his comments about President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

“It’s not education. It’s PR,” said Andy Bellatti, a Las Vegas-based dietitian who helped found Dietitians for Professional Integrity, a group of about a dozen dietitians who are calling for an end to the practice. With two-thirds of Americans considered overweight or obese, the makers of processed foods have shouldered much of the blame for aggressively marketing sugary and salty products. Critics say companies use the classes, which are usually free and more convenient than other courses dietitians can take, as a way to cast their products in a positive nutritional light. Not to mention that companies often collect the contact information of dietitians to mail them samples or coupons, in some cases to distribute to their patients. Food and beverage companies, meanwhile, say their classes are intended to inject perspective into the public debate over nutrition. At the annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, the industry offered several workshops on nutrition for the thousands of dietitians who show up there each year. In Houston last fall, Frito-Lay explained to dietitians how it removed trans fats from its Lay’s potato chips and other snacks.
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Frito-Lay, Coke, other food companies teach dietitians about nutrition

Keeping in character with his real life persona, Baldwin will portray Jimmy MacArthur, a controversial newspaper columnist who is suspicious of the SVU teams motives during the investigation of a potential hate crime/rape case. Katie Couric will also appear in a familiar role, as a talk show host who grills MacArthur about the case. In a statement, Hargitay said how excited she is about her upcoming directorial debut in the episode titled Criminal Stories: Im thrilled to be directing, its been a goal of mine for a long time, and its quite an experience to see it realized. My respect for the process of making this show and telling these important stories deepens with every scene we shoot. I have always been so honored to work with this cast and crew, but never more so than now, as a director collaborating in a new way. And Ive watched Alec on screen for so long and always hoped we would be able to work together some day. Having the opportunity to tell this story with him, having him bring his experience, depth, truthfulness, and fierce commitment, honestly feels too good to be true. It is not a coincidence that Baldwin has been cast in this role, as he has had several close encounters of the negative kind with journalists. At the end of last year Katie Courics show Katie was given the boot after dismal ratings and the turn in the stories that were covered during her time as a host. Couric was known as a hard news journalist covering everything from events such as the September 11, 2001 terrorists attacks on live television for the Today show and other international news worthy happenings for NBC. But in the later time as a day time talk show host, she had turned into somewhat of a gossip headliner, a role in which she was obviously uncomfortable with and furthermore, it was not the direction Katie Couric wanted to take the show herself.
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was planning for a complete withdrawal over Karzais refusal to sign the troop agreement. NATO has been negotiating a separate agreement with Afghanistan that would authorize other countries to keep troops there after this year, but alliance officials have said from the beginning that the deal was contingent on Afghanistan concluding an accord with the U.S. The stalemate over the troop agreement has frustrated the White House and the Pentagon, but it has taken even more of a toll in Europe, where the idea of keeping troops in Afghanistan after this year is even more controversial than it is in the U.S. A senior NATO official said Italy, Germany and Turkey, each of which had pledged to play small but important roles in the post-2014 mission, face deadlines starting later this summer for getting parliamentary approval for the mission and the funds to carry it out. Allied countries thus may not be able to wait as long for a decision on whether foreign troops will remain as the United States, which could delay until as late as October and still get its remaining troops out of the country by the end of December, officials said. On Thursday, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and other NATO ministers are expected to approve guidance for alliance planners to begin preparing for possible full withdrawal later this year, officials said. The U.S. has about 33,000 troops in Afghanistan, though the number will drop substantially over the summer, officials say, leaving a small force in place that will take over the post-2014 mission or depart completely.
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Katie Couric To Guest Star In Mariska Hargitay’s Directorial Debut For ‘SVU’

Katie Couric guest stars in SVU

The county this month unveiled a much more ambitious blueprint that would divide Marina del Rey into distinct districts. One area, on the northeast end, would focus on visitors and tourists with new nightclubs and restaurants. The design emphasizes second-story and rooftop public spaces with views of the water. A new civic center on the site now occupied by the library would consolidate the visitor’s center, harbor administration offices and library into one central building. The overarching goal is to make the marina more walkable, especially along the water. The marina is now dotted by large parking lots and it’s difficult to walk the perimeter of the waterway. Officials want to widen existing promenades and look for ways to better connect the area’s various walkways along the water. “I call it the crown jewel of L.A. County that really needs polishing,” county Supervisor Don Knabe said. ‘The ultimate goal has always been to have a boardwalk entirely around the water.” :: When the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers opened the nation’s largest man-made recreational boating harbor in the 1960s, Marina del Rey was known for its wide-open spaces and casual California atmosphere.
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Judge Deals Blow To Ohio Village’s Use Of Speeding Traffic Cameras

JPMorgan cutting 8,000 jobs in mortgage, retail banking businesses

Report: 125,000 immigrants given deferred action eligible for Medi-Cal

Sage said he could reconsider his ruling if New Miami changed the speeding cameras system to allow motorists to challenge tickets in court. Attorney Wil Weisenfelder said afterward he would confer with village officials about their plans. He had told the judge in court that more than half of the motorists who did challenge their tickets in the current system had them dismissed. The village’s attorneys wanted the judge to reject the claims or wait until the Ohio Supreme Court rules in a lawsuit pending before it challenging Toledo cameras. But attorney Josh Engel argued for the motorists that waiting on that case, which likely will take months more, would unfairly continue to subject people to an unconstitutional system in the meantime. The New Miami lawsuit was filed last year in the aftermath of a ruling against speed camera use in neighboring Hamilton County. There, Judge Robert Ruehlman ordered a similarly sized village, Elmwood Place, to stop using cameras, calling them a scam against motorists. He also has ordered refunds of fines and fees, but pending an appellate court’s ruling on his grant of class action.
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Battlefield 4 Rolls Out Platoons During Player Appreciation Month

battlefield 4

The Oklahoma-based compounding pharmacy Apothecary Shoppe agreed last week that it wouldn’t supply the pentobarbital for Taylor’s execution, which left Missouri to find a new supplier. But Attorney General Chris Koster’s office disclosed that a new provider had been found. Koster refused to name the pharmacy, citing the state’s execution protocol that allows for the manufacturer to remain anonymous. Taylor’s attorneys said use of the drug without naming the compounding pharmacy could cause the inmate pain and suffering because no one could check if the operation was legitimate and had not been accused of any violations. Pete Edlund doesn’t want to hear it. The retired Kansas City police detective led the investigation into the teenager’s death. “Cruel and unusual punishment would be if we killed them the same way they killed Annie Harrison,” Edlund said. “Get a damn rope, string them up, put them in the gas chamber. Whatever it takes.” Ann stepped out of her home the morning of March 22, 1989, to wait in her driveway for her school bus. Authorities said Nunley and Taylor, then in their early 20s, drove past in a car they had stolen after a night of binging on crack cocaine. One of the men jumped out of the car and grabbed Ann, forcing her into the vehicle. Both claimed the other did it.
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Could violence in Venezuela impact US energy prices?

The following features of platoons were rolled by Electronic Arts recently in the Battlefield forums . The ability to create and join a Platoon for up to 100 members. Basic Platoon management such as inviting, applying, and promoting/demoting members. A private and public Platoon feed, where you can communicate and coordinate. A Platoon emblem and tag that all members can easily apply. The ability to earn stats for your Platoon and rank it up, and see all the matches you played together. EA had this to say about the new Battlefield platoon system, Our goal is to make it both fun and easy for you to get organized and be part of the best Battlefield 4 Platoon ever created. Whether you want to discuss your past games and plan the next, or get competitive and see who your Platoon is up against, the feature will be as powerful and intuitive as possible. Most of these features are familiar to anyone who played Battlefield 3. The last one on the list is new to Battlefield 4. This is the first time in the series that players earn XP collectively to rank their platoon higher.
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Bumgarner named San Francisco Giants’ opening day starter

San Francisco Giants’ starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner (40) throws against the Philadelphia Phillies in the second inning at AT&T Park in San

Monday’s vote came as a larger debate plays out over e-cigarettes and whether they are a gateway to tobacco products or a means to escape their addictive hold. Sellers of e-cigarettes said the ordinance would set back efforts of some smokers to kick the tobacco habit. “If we make it difficult for them to get this product, they’re just going to go to the local 7-Eleven and buy a pack of cigarettes,” said Elaine Ruggieri, co-owner of Natural Vapes in West Los Angeles. Backers of new restrictions in Los Angeles pointed to a study by the Centers for Disease Control , which found e-cigarette use rising among middle and high school students. Fielding, the county health officer, said some e-cigarette flavors are especially appealing to children, such as chocolate or gummy bear. City Atty.
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Ukraine minister disbands Berkut riot police blamed for violence

An anti-government protester stands guard on a barricade in central Kiev on Sunday.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. announced plans Tuesday to cut 8,000 positions, more than previously forecast, as fewer Americans refinance their mortgages because of rising interest rates. The cuts will hit its mortgage and retail banking businesses, according to a Tuesday presentation, reports said . QUIZ: How much do you know about Bitcoin? JPMorgan, the country’s largest bank, also increased its target for annual net income to $27 billion. That would be a significant improvement from last year’s $18-billion net income, which took a hit because of legal costs associated with regulatory enforcement actions. The bank said it expected to reduce its head count to 260,000 in 2014, down from 265,000 in 2013. This will be the third straight year the bank has trimmed its work force. ALSO:
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North Carolina journalist claims she was recruited by human trafficker for Sochi Olympics

Radio host Brittney Cason says she should have never contacted the ‘talent acquisitions agent’ directly. Instead, she should have let her management handle it.

Cason, who said the case is currently under investigation by the FBI, wrote Monday in an essay for how a man who purported to be a “talent acquisitions agent” of a Los Angeles production company almost succeeded in luring her and another female friend travel to Russia and become ensnared in his scheme. Cason told the Daily News said an arrest has not been made. She said she cant reveal details of the investigation but said human trafficking is the most likely reason she was targeted by this suspect. That is the one that makes the most sense, she said, but added there are other reasons (why he contacted her) that would have been even more dangerous. An FBI spokeswoman said the bureaus policy is it does not confirm or deny the existence of active investigations. RELATED: FEDS RESCUE 16 JUVENILES IN SUPER BOWL PROSTITUTION STING Cason, a former NFL cheerleader and radio host in Charlotte, N.C., said a man contacted her through her website and fabricated a broadcasting contract “with a major network” to cover the Winter Olympics. “Had it not been for our instincts that led to an investigation, the only TV show we’d have ended up on would’ve been Nancy Grace,” she wrote. @BrittneyCason via Twitter Brittney Cason went through a four-month process interviewing for the job covering the 2014 Olympics but in the end, it was all a sham. The man seemed professional and thorough as Cason said she had to go through a four-month interview process and Cason was certainly qualified having hosted a number of sports programs in her career.
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L.A. council panel backs limits on e-cigarettes

Jury is out on health effects of e-cigarettes

Bumgarner will be the Giants’ youngest opening day starter since 1984, when 23-year-old Mark Davis kicked off the season. “He had a real nice year and he hasn’t done it before,” Bochy said. “We’ll check that box off in his career. We wanted to reward Madison for his great year.” In announcing his decision, Bochy said there “are no egos” in the starters meetings and applauded all five of them. But this was only a two-horse race. Cain recovered from a rough first half to post a 2.36 ERA after the All-Star break, but Bumgarner was a rock throughout the 76-86 season, going 13-9 with a 2.77 ERA and making his first All-Star team. Bumgarner had gone home for the day when Bochy made the decision public, but Cain said the usually stoic southpaw was “kind of in shock and a little bit in awe” during a staff meeting. “It’s going to be a cool moment for him and I think he’s going to really enjoy it,” Cain continued. “He’s going to be a good guy to have leading the rotation.” In Cain and Bumgarner, the Giants have for several years had one of the league’s top tandems. With the order reversed, they’re expecting the same fireworks. “We’ve had a lot of success with Matt being the No. 2 guy,” Bochy said. The manager spoke to Cain about the decision and said he took the change in stride.
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Missouri executes man in 1989 rape, killing of 15-year-old girl

Fox News National Security Analyst KT McFarland spoke to Eric Farnsworth , the vice president at the Council of the Americas and Americas Society. Farnsworth sees the current protests as going beyond frustration with Maduro. These demonstrations are deep-seated. They are born of a real frustration of an economy unable to produce and supply basic goods, Farnsworth said. Everything from common staples to more sophisticated services, like healthcare and thats been going on longer for a lot longer than just the past year. Experts have warned former President Hugo Chavezs socialist reforms, known as Bolivarian Revolution, could have a negative impact on Venezuelas economy. Farnsworth says we could be seeing those effects now. These demonstrations are deep-seated. They are born of a real frustration of an economy unable to produce and supply basic goods – Eric Farnsworth Expropriation of private enterprises, spending that is way out of control not supported by revenues gifts of petroleum to Cuba in the course of doing that, Venezuela has become bankrupt, Farnsworth said. Currently the U.S. and Venezuela have a weak diplomatic relationship — but when it comes to energy, both nations continue to depend on one another for the sale and export of oil. We [U.S.] still get a lot of our petroleum from Venezuela, its bought at market rates that probably wont stop, Farnsworth said. Farnsworth says Washington still has a vested interest in keeping contact with Venezuelas leadership.
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As the mood soured among the thousands rallying in front of the Crimean parliament building, some scuffles broke out. One group waved Ukrainian flags and shouted “Crimea is not Russia,” while the other held Russian flags aloft and shouted “Crimea is Russia,” images broadcast by Crimean TV channel ATR showed. As the crowd became more agitated, a line of police moved in to divide the groups. While those protesting are not calling for separation, the demonstrations signal the broad divide between those who support what is going on in Kiev, where the new government is leaning toward the West, and those who back Russia’s continued influence in Crimea and across Ukraine. The speaker of the Crimean parliament, Volodimir Konstantinov, denied Wednesday that there were plans for the body to discuss “radical issues” such as the separation of Russia-oriented Crimea from Ukraine. In a statement on the parliament website, Konstantinov dismissed “rumors” reported by local media, saying they were “a provocation aimed at discrediting and de-legitimizing the Crimean parliament.” He also urged the Crimean people to remain calm and not be provoked, the statement said. In the nearby port city of Sevastopol, where about 60% of the population is Russian and Moscow has a key naval base, residents told CNN they were angry that President Viktor Yanukovych has been forced out and fear that they will be oppressed by the country’s new leaders. Small pro-Russian protests were taking place in the Black Sea city Wednesday. A CNN team in the area encountered more than one pro-Russian militia checkpoint on the road from Sevastopol to Simferopol.
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Measure To Block Transgender Student Law Fails To Make Ballot

John Williams, Steven Spielberg team up for gala concert with DSO

“We are honored that Supply & Demand Chain Executive chose to recognize these three strategic sourcing professionals as top industry performers. Each has worked tirelessly to further develop the industry-best processes and policies that make Source One such a valuable procurement service provider to our clients, and this recognition serves as further validation of the work they perform,” said Steven Belli, Chief Executive Officer at Source One.. The editor of Supply & Demand Chain Executive, Barry Hochfelder, restated the importance of the awards by saying “These awards recognize supply chain executives who are leading initiatives to prepare their companies supply chains for the significant challenges of todays business climate. Congratulations to the nominees for their inclusion this year! Their leadership in supply chain has made them stand out among their peers.” Nominees this year included supply chain practitioners and individuals from software and consulting firms who have helped the supply chain community at large or who work to improve the supply chain within their own organizations. About Supply & Demand Chain Executive Supply & Demand Chain Executive is the executives user manual for successful supply and demand chain transformation, utilizing hard-hitting analysis, viewpoints, and unbiased case studies to steer executives and supply management professionals through the complicated, yet critical, world of supply and demand chain enablement to gain competitive advantage.
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Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan says incriminating phone recordings are fake

SACRAMENTO — A measure to block California’s transgender students rights law failed to qualify for the November ballot Monday, according to the secretary of state’s office. The referendum would have repealed a law passed last year that requires school districts to let transgender students participate in school programs and use school facilities, such as bathrooms and locker rooms, based on their gender identity instead of their biological sex. The measure was backed by a coalition called Privacy for All Students. Supporters submitted more than 619,000 signatures, but only 487,484 were found to be valid by county officials, missing the threshold to qualify by about 17,000 signatures. The measures backers vowed Monday evening to challenge the results of the signature count. We are ready to review and challenge every signature that was not counted toward the referendum of this impudent and in-your-face bill,” said Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, a conservative legal group. “Our children’s privacy is worth doing all that we can.” Assemblyman Tom Ammiano , who sponsored the law, AB 1266, blasted the initiative’s backers as “people that make money off promoting hate and professional fear mongers, who took advantage of what other people didnt understand.” The good thing that comes out of this misguided referendum effort is that we were able to continue to educate people. Its important that we begin to understand what transgender students are going through,” said Ammiano in a statement. Masen Davis, executive director of the Transgender Law Center, said he was “relieved on behalf of the students of California that were worried about the referendum effort.” He said he was now looking forward to working on implementation of the law. He says school districts around the state have been in contact with his organization for guidance on how to incorporate the law into their policies. ALSO:
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Space Rock Smacks Moon, Creating Biggest Lunar Explosion Ever Seen

McCain: Anti-gay law hurts Arizona Owner: Ariz. bill ‘not gays vs religion’ AZ Sen.: Arizonians don’t discriminate “I have a history of deliberating and having an open dialogue on bills that are controversial, to listen to both sides of those issues, and I welcome the input and information that they can provide to me. And certainly I am pro-business, and that is what’s turning our economy around, so I appreciate their input, as I appreciate the other side,” she said. Earlier, Brewer told CNN that her decision will come after she returns this week to Arizona from Washington, where she has been attending National Governors Association meetings. “I have to look at what it says and what the law says and take that information and do the right thing,” she said. The bill was sent to Brewer on Monday and she has five days to sign it, veto it, or do nothing and it would become law. She has been a conservative champion for much of her five years in office. And if that’s any indication, the measure could very well become law. But it’s not that straightforward. Her conservative creds As secretary of state, Brewer landed the gubernatorial gig in 2009 after previous Gov. Janet Napolitano left her job to head the Department of Homeland Security.
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The two men in the recordings discuss in detail how to hide vast amounts of money. The recordings were allegedly made the day after a wide-reaching corruption investigation ensnared the sons of three Cabinet members. Bilal was questioned but never detained in the investigation. Calls for Turkish PM to flee or resign Has Turkish democracy failed? “This is not an attack on Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the leader of the AK Party, but an attack on the Turkish Republic,” the Prime Minister thundered Tuesday in a weekly speech to parliament members from his ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP. Erdogan labeled the audio recordings “immoral edited material.” “They are listening to the government’s encrypted phones; that’s how low they have sunk,” Erdogan continued, denouncing a series of lobby groups that he has long accused of plotting to overthrow his government. Erdogan has pledged to investigate corruption within his government. But the Prime Minister has also denounced implications that his family is involved in the scandal. On Tuesday, protesters took to the streets in the wake of the scandal. Police in Istanbul used tear gas and water cannon to try to push protesters back. Money matters discussed In the phone conversations, the two men discuss in detail how to hide money and whom to give it to.
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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer weighs options on anti-gay measure

Although the European Union, the United States, and China have recognized Ukraine’s new authorities, Russia has not. Russian propaganda characterizes Ukrainian activists (depending on its purpose and intended audience) as fascists, terrorists, or gays. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has claimed , without any evidence, that Russian citizens in Ukraine are under threat. That is the classical justification for intervention. Russian parliamentarians are now in Crimea, promising Russian citizenship to ethnic Russians there and suggesting that Russia will support a referendum on the detachment of Crimea from Ukraine and its attachment to Russia. On the other side, among the revolutionaries are radicals who may not be satisfied by the compromises that end any revolution. Their main motivation was the end of Moscow’s influence in Ukraine, and so they can be provoked. Compromise will be possible in a state that is financially stable. In one that is not, Russian policy might provoke nationalists, and conflict can begin again. The cause of the Ukrainian protesters was not to change the world, but only to change their world. What they wanted was normality, predictability, the ability to live their lives the way they chose.
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What the West owes Ukraine

Protesters cheer after news of an agreement between the opposing sides in Kiev on February 21.

That would be the sound of a giant rock smacking into the moon (if the moon had any atmosphere to carry the sound, of course). But you can imagine the burst coming from the explosion in the video above, the biggest lunar impact ever observed from Earth. Our natural satellite gets pummeled fairly regularly by tiny micrometeorites and occasionally by bigger space rocks. In May 2013, scientists recorded what was then the biggest explosion that had been seen on the moon when a 40-kilogram boulder slammed into the lunar surface at about 90,000 kph. Now, telescopes have recorded the impact from a meteorite weighing 10 times as much, whose flash was briefly as bright as the light from Polaris, the north pole star. The burst occurred on Sept. 11, 2013 in a area on the moon called Mare Nubium and was probably created by a meteor between 0.6- and 1.4-meters wide. The impact generated a crater with a diameter of around 40 meters. Knowing how often such collisions happen on the moon could be important for future lunar explorers, one reason why NASA has set up a specific program to study them . This campaign started in 2005 and has already proved that lunar impacts happen about 10 times more frequently than scientists previously expected. Because the moon is our next-door neighbor, this finding suggests that the Earth might get hit more often than we previously thought by objects of a similar size. Videos: Jm Madiedo/Youtube 1) & 2) Homepage image: NASA Adam is a Wired Science staff writer.
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Keller: Real Madrid second-best behind Bayern

Real Madrid CF

Keller’s side face the Blancos in the last 16 of the Champions League and will be hoping to take advantage of Madrid’s woeful record in Germany where they have only won once in their last 25 attempts. Tweet Fernando Hierro! Send your questions to former Real Madrid defender Fernando Hierro via @Heineken using #sharethesofa on Wednesday evening The Gelsenkirchen outfit welcome Carlo Ancelotti’s men to the Veltins Arena on Wednesday and Keller says they will have to be at their very best to take anything from the game. Behind Bayern Munich, Real Madrid is maybe the second best team in the world at this moment, the coach told reporters. They have extraordinary players in each position and that is why it will not be an easy game for us. “We’ll have to be compact at the back to achieve what might be a minor miracle of getting a result. But we are the home team and want to play in a brave way without hiding from Real. To be successful tomorrow everybody has to play at 100 per cent. Then it might be possible to achieve a little wonder. FC Schalke 04 – Real Madrid CF FC Bayern Munchen – FC Schalke 04 FC Schalke 04 – TSG 1899 Hoffenheim FC Schalke 04
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The Extra-Terrestrial the Indiana Jones franchise an many others. Now Williams and Spielberg are teaming up again, this time for gala concert in support of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra . The dynamic duo will appear in a one-nighter to benefit the DSO on June 14. With Williams on the podium, the DSO will perform not only selections of his famous collaborations with Spielberg but on the second half of the program, the legendary director will join the composer-conductor on stage to talk about his films and their 40-year collaboration. In addition to the orchestral performances, clips from the movies will be projected on a screen above the orchestra. Both Williams and Spielberg are donating their services for the night to the DSO. How did the DSO land these two iconic figures? Well, away from Hollywood, Williams, who has guest conducted the DSO in the past, has had no bigger champion for his concert music than the orchestras music director Leonard Slatkin. In recent years Slatkin and the DSO have performed and recorded Williams concertos for violin, horn, bassoon and cello for the Naxos label. It was the Slatkin-Williams connection that helped bring the evening together. The concert is at 8 p.m. June 14 at Orchestra Hall at the Max M. Fisher Music Center.
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Egyptian Government Unexpectedly Resigns

“That’s a great luxury to have, when you have three guys you can go to at any moment in the game,” Hoiberg said. “I give our guys a lot of credit for locating the mismatch and playing to it, whoever that might be on a given night. A lot of times that is Georges.” Niang has been a key player for the Cyclones since the moment he joined them last season. Now that he’s more experienced and in much better shape, Niang has quietly become one of the best players in the Big 12. Niang came on toward the end of his freshman season, finishing with 12.1 points a game and earning Big 12 all-rookie honors. Niang finished with the fourth-most points by a freshman in school history and matched his previous career game high of 19 in Iowa State’s win over Notre Dame in the NCAA tournament. Niang realized that he needed to greatly improve his conditioning. He renewed his focus on fitness in the offseason and dropped 10 pounds without losing any strength. He says it also helped his defense. “There were definitely times where I felt like I didn’t have anything left in the tank last year. But I feel like that rarely happens this year,” Niang said.
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“That is something that we are still looking for, Rhodes said, according to WMBF. Cellphone records show Elvis communicated with Sidney Moorer, 37, as late as 6 a.m. on Dec. 18. Police records also state that Elvis had a relationship history with Moorer. Investigators said Elvis was driven home by her date to the apartment she shared with another woman in River Oaks some time before 2 a.m. on Dec. 18. The young man with whom Elvis met for the date has been ruled out as a suspect, a source close to the investigation told Authorities believe that at some point later, Elvis drove herself to the boat landing, though the reason remains unknown.
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‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ staffers actually happy CNN canceled show: sources

Nabil Farrag in Cairo, Egypt. The head of Egypts military, Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, is riding on a wave of popular fervor that is almost certain to carry him to election as president.AP February 15, 2014: Textile workers strike to demand a minimum wage, the removal of their company’s head and the head of the firm’s holding company, and back pay of yearly bonuses in Mahalla al-Kobra, Egypt. (AP Photo/Sabry Khaled, El Shorouk Newspaper) Next Slide Previous Slide CAIRO Egypt’s interim prime minister announced Monday the resignation of his Cabinet, a surprise move that could be designed in part to pave the way for the nation’s military chief to leave his defense minister’s post to run for president. Hazem el-Beblawi’s military-backed government was sworn in on July 16, less than two weeks after Field Marshal Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, the defense minister, ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi after a year in office. Its ministers will remain in their posts in a caretaker capacity until the president picks a prime minister to form a new Cabinet. The government’s resignation, announced by el-Beblawi in a live TV broadcast, came amid a host of strikes, including one by public transport workers and garbage collectors. An acute shortage of cooking gas has also been making front page news the past few days. Egypt’s political system gives most powers to the president. The prime minister usually handles day-to-day economic management, but does not set key policies.
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Baylor won 88-75. (AP Photo/Andrew Ferguson)The Associated Press Xavier head coach Chris Mack points during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game against Georgetown, Saturday, Feb. 22, 2014, in Washington. Georgetown won 74-52. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)The Associated Press Next Slide Previous Slide Baylor appears to be back on the right side of the bubble after a strong run over the past two weeks. Coming off a difficult stretch that had the Bears teetering away from an NCAA tournament bid, they put themselves back in the conversation with a four-game winning streak capped by Saturday’s decisive road victory over West Virginia. “We’ve got to keep working hard to get to the tournament,” said Baylor’s Royce O’Neal, who scored a season-high 22 points against the Mountaineers. “But this means a lot against a good team that had been playing well.” It’s certainly a good step for a team that had been reeling. Baylor opened the season 13-2, its only losses to Syracuse and Iowa State.
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Barry Knapp, Barclay’s chief U.S. market strategist, said equities aren’t attractive as they stand. “Despite the weather-related data distortions, our outlook for the equity market hasn’t changed much in the first seven weeks of the year,” he wrote in a note to clients. “While we believe downside risk is limited, paying a slightly above-average price for somewhat below-average earnings growth implies entry points are critical; we don’t find [S&P 500 around] 1840 attractive. The U.S. data docket fairly light on the day. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan will be speaking at a conference held by the National Association of Business Economists. His comments generally aren’t market moving, but they could garner attention on a quiet day for economic data. Elsewhere, Netflix ( NFLX ) forged a deal with Comcast ( CMCSA ) to get direct access to the cable provider’s IT systems to ensure customers of the streaming service get high-quality delivery. Netflix has benefited from intense popularity of its original programming with shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. In commodities, U.S.
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In John Dingell’s departure, a changing of the guard and the end of an old style of power

He gets coverage through his wifes employer and believes the ACA is causing premiums to rise. Health care is something that we definitely need to focus on and improve, Meyer said. Im just not sure this was ultimately the right answer, but maybe it gets us closer to where we need to be. The results of the Minnesota Poll come from interviews with 800 adults between Feb. 10 and 12, and have a sampling error of plus or minus 3.5 percent. The divisions over the federal health care law reflect some of the challenges state officials face as they try to get Minnesotans enrolled in coverage by the end of open enrollment on March 31. Weve been working really hard to improve the customer experience, said MNsure interim CEO Scott Leitz, who acknowledges that the site is improved but not perfect. Leitz said the poll results werent a surprise. A new marketing campaign launched last week aims to break through the rash of bad publicity about technical problems with the website and to encourage uninsured Minnesotans to shop on MNsure. A key goal of the exchange is to help the nearly 500,000 Minnesotans who are uninsured buy coverage. So far, about 101,000 people have used the website to buy insurance coverage, and efforts to improve the site and add staff to the call center are ongoing. Republican lawmakers already are promising to use MNsures tumult as a campaign issue, emphasizing that it is a failure of big government. As DFL Gov.
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Wall Street Rallies, S&P 500 Sets New Intraday High

The update fixed a security issue that is extremely serious a flaw in Apples implementation of SSL, the encryption used to access the Internet. Apples note on the update indicates just how critical this issue is : Impact: An attacker with a privileged network position may capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS In other words, anything you send across the Internet could be intercepted or changed. Your communications are compromised without the patch. I know a lot of people delay or even ignore operating system updates, but doing so now will put you at serious risk. Apple made the patch available for those running iOS 7 and iOS 6.1. Theres even a patch for the version of iOS running on Apple TV. Use the software update on these devices to fix the flaw ASAP. The flaw was caused by a single error in whats known as a goto call . In programming, goto directs action from one place to another in the code. In this case, the error directs the program to go around the authentication system. Generally, using goto is considered lazy programming, and this issue makes it clear as to why.
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Minnesota Poll: Party split felt over MNsure, health reform

BY MARIANNE GARVEY, BRIAN NIEMIETZ AND LACHLAN CARTWRIGHT Tuesday, February 25, 2014, 2:42 AM Joe Kohen/Getty Images Piers Morgan ‘didn’t show any respect’ to some of the people he worked with, one insider says. His own co-workers are glad hes getting the boot. Staffers at Piers Morgan Tonight are actually relieved that CNN has canceled the show, sources tell Confidenti@l. He was always such an a—— to people working for him, one insider says of the bombastic Brit. Morgans last show is likely to be this week, but no specific date has been set. We hear it was low ratings and a bad attitude that killed it, and the decision was made by network boss Jeff Zucker. The makeup girls suffered the worst he was rude and belligerent, says our source. The general feeling is Morgan didnt show any respect to anyone working under him the people who were trying to make him look good. ASSOCIATED PRESS RELATED: ‘PIERS MORGAN LIVE’ TO BE CANCELED BY CNN Last Thursday, Piers Morgan was seen by just 364,000 total viewers, according to Nielsen. That was easily beaten by Fox News The Kelly File (1.9 million) and MSNBCs Rachel Maddow Show (925,000). Morgan was questioned in November in London by cops investigating phone hacking, but a CNN spokeswoman said that interview was not a factor in his show being canned.
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Apple’s massive ‘goto fail’ fixed in iOS, but not in OS X


Video Representative John Dingell, a Democrat from Michigan, announces his retirement after record 59 years in Congress. More from PostPolitics Niraj Chokshi and David Beard The story of modern America visualized. Which is why it is no longer John Dingells Washington. And why he has decided to hang it up when his term ends. Dingell is still up to the job, he insisted, though he is a frail 87 years old. The problem, he said, is Congress itself. I find serving in the House to be obnoxious , he told the Detroit News , which on Monday broke the story that Dingell plans to retire. Its become very hard because of the acrimony and bitterness, both in Congress and in the streets. Is it fixable? Dingell said in an interview with The Washington Post. Theres only one person that can fix it, and theres only one group of people that can answer that question, and thats the voters. If they want it to change, it will change. Having served 59 years longer than anyone in the history of Congress Dingell (D-Mich.) left his imprint on legislation that ranged from the establishment of Medicare to environmental laws to civil rights legislation.
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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Wins 2nd Daytona 500 After Long Rain Delay

Ukraine interim government issues arrest warrant for Yanukovich

The information I provided was what we had at the moment. Rice said No, when Gregory asked whether she had any regrets about her statements. She also said nobody in the administration intended to mislead the public but acknowledged some of her information was inaccurate. That information turned out, in some respects, not to be 100 percent correct,” Rice said. “But the notion that somehow I or anybody else in the administration misled the American people is patently false.And I think that that’s been amply demonstrated.” She was, at the time, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and a top candidate to become secretary of state. However, Rice withdrew herself from consideration in the wake of the attacks on the U.S. outpost in Benghazi, Libya, after the firestorm of criticism she received for her response. Rice said Sunday she didnt know whether her responses killed her chances of getting the top U.S. diplomatic post.
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The victory ended a streak of futility at Daytona International Speedway, where he finished second in three of the previous four 500s. “Winning this race is the greatest feeling that you could feel in this sport besides accepting the trophy for the championship,” said Earnhardt, who climbed from his car in Victory Lane and hugged every member of his Hendrick Motorsports crew. “I didn’t know if I’d ever get the chance to feel it again and it feels just as good.” As he crossed the finish line in his No. 88 Chevrolet, the few who withstood a rain delay of 6 hours, 22 minutes screaming their support, Earnhardt euphorically radioed his crew, “This is better than the first one!” He was met by Rick Hendrick after his victory lap, and the team owner climbed into the driver’s window for a ride to Victory Lane. Rain stopped the race about 45 minutes after it began for a delay of more than six hours. When it resumed, Earnhardt dominated at the track where his father was killed in an accident on the last lap of the 2001 race. But it got chaotic as it neared the conclusion, with 42 lead changes and four multi-car accidents.
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Taliban says talks with US over captive soldier halted

Afghanistan is in the middle of a presidential campaign ahead of an April 5 election. Two-term President Hamid Karzai cannot run again for office under the Afghan constitution. The U.S. State Department has refused to acknowledge the negotiations, but the U.S. official previously told the AP that indirect talks were underway. In response to the Taliban statement Sunday, U.S. Embassy spokesman in Afghanistan Robert Hilton said: “Sgt. Bergdahl has been gone far too long, however we can’t discuss the efforts we’re taking to obtain his return.” Efforts at a swap are also seen as a concession to Karzai. Washington would like to see him back away from his refusal to sign a security pact that is necessary for the U.S.
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Captain America Trailer Teases Huge Nick Fury Spoiler

Captain America

He is THE spy, honestly. In the comic book world, Fury has been known to fake his death, and do it very well. Whether he did here or not is uncertain, as I have not been given special tickets to see the movie early. The thing is, just knowing the Fury character, its obvious that nothing is set in stone with him. While Fury is getting older and may be considering a retirement in the future, we all know that he is a massive part of the Marvel Universe. That means that there is no possible way Fury is going anywhere any time soon. Just going off of Agent Coolson theory alone, death isnt exactly a stoppage to the play of the Marvel franchise.
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Chick-fil-A employees help parents find runaway teen


Hundreds more were injured. As his loyal riot police disappeared from the streets Thursday night fearing vengeance and prosecutions, Yanukovich also went into hiding, his whereabouts unknown. In a video statement Saturday, a nervous-looking Yanukovich claimed that he still remained in power and was just taking a trip to the eastern regions, hitherto loyal to him, in order to decide what to do next. By the time the video surfaced on the Internet, however, Yanukovich had been officially deposed by parliament. On Sunday, his own ruling party denounced him as a traitor. We condemn Yanukovich’s flight and lack of guts, and we condemn treachery, read a statement published Sunday on the Party of the Regions’ official website. We condemn the criminal orders which set up ordinary people and police officers. Also on Sunday, parliament turned over presidential powers to its recently appointed speaker, opposition party leader Oleksander Turchinov.
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GM says big new SUVs get 10% gas mileage boost


Verifying your credentials… We’re experiencing a few technical issues. Try again By submitting you agree to our Terms of Service Your Take contributions have not been reviewed for accuracy by USA TODAY. Contributors agree to our Terms of Service and are responsible for the content of their videos and photos. Please report any content that violates the terms. GM says big new SUVs get 10% gas mileage boost Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY 6 a.m. EST February 24, 2014 But still, the gas mileage numbers on these Chevrolets and GMCs aren’t likely to astound The 2015 GMC Yukon Denali, one of the big SUVs that just received gas mileage ratings (Photo: AP) GM has released gas mileage ratings for its big SUVs They will see up to a 10% improvement New SUVs are coming from Chevrolet and GMC SHARE 11 CONNECT 34 TWEET 3 COMMENTEMAILMORE General Motors’s new Chevrolet and GMC full-size SUVs will get improved gas mileage over the outgoing versions, but the new tallies are not exactly going to turn heads.
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3, 2012: Cars surround a Chick-Fil-A restaurant during lunch time in Decatur, Georgia.Reuters Several Chick-fil-A employees in Florida — including a manager who drove 200 miles out of his way — are being credited with helping a couple find their runaway teenage daughter. According to USA Today, Steve and Tammy Harp discovered a note left by their daughter, Kaitlyn, 16, saying she had run away with a 19-year-old man she met online. The Harps found an Instagram photo of the couple, and the man was wearing a Chick-fil-A shirt. They went to their local Chick-fil-A restaurant in Jacksonville to ask if anyone had seen the two or if the man worked there, the report said. The store’s managers put the Harps in touch with another store in Yulee, and that franchise’s manager posted the Instagram photo on Facebook for Chick-fil-A operators across the state to see. Within two hours, a Chick-fil-A manager in Winter Haven recognized the man, called the Harps and told the man to have Kaitlyn Harp call home. Elio Florin, the manager at the Winter Haven restaurant, drove the girl about 200 miles back home to Jacksonville. “Tears were shed in our driveway this morning,” Tammy Harp told USA Today. “[Florin] could not go to bed without resting, knowing that she was home safe.”
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